Friday, 23 June 2017

9 - Toni

Thursday cont.

As Gary stood waiting for the London Intercity, which was late and had in retrospect made the dash to the car and back rather superfluous, it also occurred to him that he had no idea whether the person he was meeting was male or female.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

8 - Speculation

Thursday cont. 

Cleo's phone call from the new au pair was a surprise. 
"It's Toni. I can't be in Middlethumpton till five oh four, Mrs Hurley. Is that all right?"
"Sure," said Cleo. "I'll let my husband know. He'll be there."
"I'm sorry about arriving late," said the girl.
"That's OK, Toni, but don't be surprised if my husband is expecting a guy. I'm not going to tell him."
".A guy?"
"Yes. We've been speculating about your name. See you later."

7 - Soup

Thursday, 4th October

It was the link Dorothy eventually made between the tramp’s poisoning and the lethal soup that made it all even more awful. She and Cleo had definitely been in danger. Chris’s newest report was credible. Even if only small amounts of toadstool poisoning were consumed, it would cause severe illness and possibly death. Who could have done such a thing deliberately?

Monday, 12 June 2017

6 - Deathcap

Wednesday cont.              

It was no wonder that Cleo’s trip to Middleton library to look at back numbers of the Gazette did not reveal much. Bertie Browne, editor in chief and owner of the twice weekly freebie, published all sorts of stuff that was long on padding, but short on information and mostly independent of accuracy. Hot air and fake news were good enough to fill the pages that were not devoted to price-slashing (if you can believe that) offers of cars, cats and cucumbers. The Fargo family did not merit a single mention.